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Dents do not have to be filled and sprayed.

They may be small but they are annoying and they seem to come from nowhere. An inconsiderate driver opens a car door too wide in a car park and puts a ding right in the centre of your vehicles’ door. Then drives off. You get back to your car there is no other car next to it but there plain to be seen is a dent in your door and your left thinking ???!!!!???

There was a time when you had but two options - Live with the dent and the serious detraction in the appearance of your vehicle and its resale value. Or take it to the body-shop and have the dent filled and re-sprayed at a cost which may seem uneconomic with regard to the size of the damage.

Using Paintless Dent removal techniques spectrum auto solutions, can now effect repairs to most small dents at a fraction of the cost of having the panel filled and re-sprayed. It’s quick, it’s easy and painless on your pocket, and if we can’t remove the dent then there is no cost for us trying. If you suspect the dent has been caused by any of the following give us a try:

• Car doors

• Supermarket trolleys

• Wheelie Bins

• Children’s Bicycles

• Falling objects, Etc. etc