Car Bumper Repair Bumper Scuff Repair Bumper Dent Repair Bumper Scrape Repair Banbury

Bumper scuffs

An increasing number of our customers come to us because they have misjudged an object, or even worse returned to their car to find someone has damaged the bumper.

Regardless of how the damaged was caused, spectrum auto solutions will give you a high quality affordable repair.

If only a small area has been damaged spectrum auto solutions can normally repair just the damaged area without having to spray the whole bumper which can be a considerable saving.

Bumper dents

In this part of Oxfordshire, collisions with deer, badgers and pheasants are quite common and can cause deformations and or cracks in plastic bumpers. Even in these cases in it not always necessary to replace the bumper. Dependent on the severity and location of the damage we may be able to use heat treatment techniques to restore the bumper back to it original shape and then, if necessary re-spray the damaged area.

Bumper splits

Small cracks & splits in plastic bumpers, can also be repaired using plastic welding techniques, after welding the repair will need to be re-sprayed but again it is usually possible to localise the repair area.

What ever the cause of damage to your bumpers, there is a reasonably priced solution available to you. Just visit our workshop to get an estimate.