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Alloy wheels

If only they didn’t make those kerbs so high, if only all wheels had rim protector tyres, if only my partner was a better parallel parker, If only !!!!

Lets face it, life is full of 'if only's' and alloy wheels ARE at some time going to get damaged but don’t despair, most alloys can be repaired quickly and cost effectively.

An alloy wheel is just a piece of metal with paint and lacquer applied to give it colour and protection. Just like any panel on your car. So when an alloy wheel gets damaged we treat it just as we would do if it were a panel on your car. We sand down the worst bits, apply an alloy filler if required, smooth it down, prime it, spray it then lacquer and polish it. Hey presto! Job done, one newly refurbished alloy wheel.

We can colour match and repair most alloys that have been kerbed and scuffed, however alloy wheels with a diamond turned and lacquered finished may need to be sent to our specialist to be refinished. Badly buckled alloys probably means a new wheel